Joyful Movement

“Working with Clare really changed my life. When I met her, I was stressed out from the pandemic and from work, and my body was out of shape and in pain. A combination of both mat and reformer 1:1 classes really helped me gain stability in my core, eliminated my shoulder and neck pain and significantly reduced glute pain from an old injury. I would highly recommend Clare for 1:1 mat or reformer classes to anyone who feels they can do more with their body and wants to feel better but just doesn’t know where to start.”

GARY - Yellow dot

“Clare’s friendly and calming manner soon gets my body to move in a way that other teachers cannot reach. I started Pilates as a way to rehab a sports injury and to manage pain caused by degeneration of the knee and lower back. Increased flexibility and better posture are two very welcome additional benefits.”

NAOMI - Green dot

“As a dance professional I appreciate the way that Clare’s teaching practice is considered and bespoke. Through demonstration, communication and use of props she is able to articulate the rationale behind key Pilates principles such as alignment, use of breath and pace.”

AL - Blue dot

“I have always thrived on sports and movement. I enjoy the tailored programme of exercises on the Reformer, Pilates Arc and the Mat as they challenge my body and are a great addition to my weekly regime.”

SW - RED dot

“The Reformer is a transformer! Having just recovered from a hip replacement I knew I had to take it gently at first and felt I was in safe hands with Clare. I have a real sense of what it feels like to move properly again whilst at the same time improving on core connection.”